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Lotto 6/49 Results in Canada draws every Wednesday and Saturday. Scroll down to view the latest lotto max results for friday, and this will be updated as quickly as 6/49. We will add search history and more games soon! Add comments below to help us improve! Disclaimer: This is not the official Lotto 6/49 website, however we like to ensure our results are accurate, please let us know if there's any incorrect results posted.

How to play Lotto 6/49 Canada?

  1. Lotto 6/49 can be purchased across Canada.
  2. You wager $3 and for one set of numbers 1-49 and another 10 digit set of numbers for $1M guaranteed draw.
  3. You can also ask for a quick pick.
  4. Guaranteed $1 Million Dollars, and are sold until 9:00pm EST.
Lotto 649

Lotto 6/49 Results and Winning Numbers for Sat 22 Jun 2019

Current estimated jackpot $7,000,000.


Lotto 6/49

Lotto 6/49

Lotto 6/49


Lotto 6/49

Lotto 6/49

Lotto 6/49
Bonus Ball

Lotto 6/49 next draw held on Wed 26 Jun 2019, with estimated jackpot of $9,000,000.

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There's more than one way to play LOTTO 6/49.

Each play costs $3 and includes one set of numbers from 1 to 49 for the Main Jackpot Draw and a second, 10-digit set of numbers for the $1-million GUARANTEED PRIZE DRAW.

There is a winning $1-million ticket every LOTTO 6/49 draw. That’s 2 winning $1-million tickets EVERY week!

You can also play up to 26 weeks in a row with Advance Play. With 2 draws per week, that's up to 52 draws in advance!

Draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday. LOTTO 6/49 tickets sold until 10:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) on draw nights.

Quick Pick

Simply ask your lottery retailer for a Quick Pick OR check the Quick Pick box on a LOTTO 6/49 Selection Slip. The lottery terminal will randomly choose one set of numbers for the Main Draw and one set of numbers will be generated for the GUARANTEED PRIZE DRAW.

Pick your Own

On a LOTTO 6/49-ONTARIO 49 Selection Slip, mark LOTTO 6/49 in the game box. Choose six numbers from 1 to 49 on up to 10 boards (each board costs $3). Or, check BOTH to play the same numbers for LOTTO 6/49 and ONTARIO 49.

You can play up to five times per ticket. If you want to play for more than one draw, mark the number of draws in the Advance Play box.


ENCORE celebrates the most winners. For only $1, ENCORE is a bonus game that offers a chance to win $1 million. And with 22 ways to win and prizes starting at $2, there are a million reasons to say 'yes' to ENCORE.

Just ask your lottery retailer to include ENCORE on Quick Picks with your host game. Or mark how many ENCORE you want to play (1-10) on your Selection Slip.

Cash prizes for matching left to right, right to left, or a combination of both. Overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 9.17.

- Available only in Ontario.